Thursday, February 24, 2011

Conversations that may never be repeated

The littlest T has caught the germs that have been floating around the house for the last week. Despite falling asleep twice on the couch today, about 8:40 tonight she says.....
T: Mama?
M: What?
T: I tired.
M: You're tired?
T: Yes. I wanna go bed.
M: You want to go to bed?
T: Yes. Where's Dora blankie?
M: Your Dora blankie is in your room. You want to tell Daddy nigh night?
T: No.

Then we walked to the stairs, she said "Hands", so I took her hand and we walked up the stairs.
Her latest thing is to sleep with every blanket in her room, so after throwing "Dora blankie", and "balloon blankie" into the bed, we had to throw in "bear blankie" too. I put her into bed, bundled her under her blankies, she curled up on her pillow and said "Guh night, Mama." And that was that.

It is these memories I savor. Sometimes they are almost too sweet for words.

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Mom aka Grandma said...

That is so sweet, it makes me want to cry happy tears. She is such a sweetie and so loving. She is a clone of you at that age.

Please remember this night for when she is 15 and hates you and thinks you are stupid. I remember those days, too.