Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hits and misses from the weekend

Hit: Got to spend time with this chubby cheeked fella.

Who am I, you ask? 

I'll give you a starts with an "O" 

Miss: Although I loved snuggling with the boy, his mother insisted on reminding me about this huge paper we have to write AND made it a point to tell me it is due a whole week earlier than I realized. Darn it.
Repeat the mantra....last major paper, last major paper, last major paper....... 

Hit: Taking the peeps to the Children's Museum on "free day"! 

Miss: Frugal Mom fail. Apparently every mother, father and grandparent in Indiana and Ohio had the same idea. And it was raining. 

Hit: The kids enjoyed it anyway and I got to count activity points for the massive amount of walking. 

Miss: It was freaking packed. So much so, I'm surprised the fire marshall didn't show up to shut them down. 

Hit: Packed a sensible lunch and stayed within my WW points.

Miss: This is what I looked like when I stepped on the scale this weekend. Freakin 1.8 lb gain.

Hit: Four free kids meals at Frisch's with Valentine card coupons. Woowoo!

Miss: I don't really like Frisch's. 

Hit: Had a nice long week off of work.

Miss: The kids gave me their cough and chest congestion the day before I'm due to go back to work. Heathens.

Hit: Tess peed in the potty all day long today.

Miss: She only does it if she is naked from the waist down. Not sure how well that will go over at daycare.

Hit: Finished my state and federal taxes. Should get a big fat check!

Miss: Can use it to pay my city taxes. Blah!


Wendy said...

that owen is sooooo cute! i am going to have to go to that childrens museum. looks like fun!

Special K said...

Cute pics!