Tuesday, February 08, 2011

The first of several

February is the month of birthdays around these parts.
Hard to believe but this one is turning 14.
What happened to that cute, snuggly, little baby boy?
I'll tell you what.
He turned into a typical, lock yourself in your room, avoid your parents and ignore your siblings teenager.

Yeah, birthdays aren't too exciting at 14. He came out of his cave for dinner, went back to the cave to eat it, then came back out to investigate the darkened dining room.
He stayed long enough to blow out some candles, open a card, and eat a piece of cake.
Isn't Teagan's expression a hoot?

Daddy got a card too although he was behind the camera and claimed he's had too many birthdays for this one to matter anyway. Their birthdays aren't for another week but I had to give them their gifts a little early since they got the same thing.

Tickets to see this guy this Friday......

P.S. The scale is still not my friend. I broke down and jumped back on the WW train, logging into WW online last Thursday. Hopefully this new points plus system will work out for me. Unfortunately, my weigh in this week was after birthday cake night and only 2 days after starting back to WW.
And the scale moves the wrong way, again, 171.8lbs.
I think it is determined to keep me from seeing the 160's........ever.


Wendy said...

happy birthday to tanner and your hubby. i have no clue who that purple guy is?!?!

Mom aka Grandma said...

You have just been nominated MOM OF THE YEAR!!! There is absolutely nothing you could have gotten for Tanner that he would have loved more! Humongous pat on the back for YOU!!!

Debbie said...

Happy Birthday Bobby and Tanner!! And I'm jealous!!! Have a blast, I know you will!! What a great gift Carla! you rock!!

Andrea said...

Have a fun month! I think we're done with birthdays for a month or so...and all my step-dad will want for his birthday is Schuler's chocolate-covered cream-filled doughnuts. No more cakes!

Good luck with WW...

Special K said...

I thought maybe you had changed the day he was born or something. Hope they have fun!