Thursday, July 05, 2007

The aftermath

So after I ran across the yard to pick up the crying toddler, I noticed that his forehead was covered in blood. I didn't get a before pic for obvious reasons. Who wants to hold off an injured kid just to get a pic, and who wants to see a bleeding toddler anyway? This was about 10 minutes later. You see he was over it rather quickly. He even said cheese when he saw the camera. And no, he doesn't have red highlights. That is blood in his hair. He was not too keen on me rubbing it out, so it will have to wait for bath time.
Can you make out the small gash on the right side of his scalp? Yeah, apparently head wounds do bleed more. I washed his forehead and held a cold rag to this spot for about 30 seconds and the bleeding stopped.
You probably can't tell in this pic, but he does have the beginning of a small goose egg above his right eye. How can falling off one step cause so much damage?

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