Friday, July 27, 2007

Wegerzyn Gardens

I took the little ones to a playdate at Wegerzyn Gardens. There is a very cool children's garden there. We wandered through, checking things out. Teagan liked the bridge that went over the fish pond. Tatum liked the music garden. They both had fun playing in the sand box, but their favorite was definitely the waterfall and stream.

Teagan was fascinated by the animal fountains. They spray water every couple minutes. He just knew water was going to come out of there.
Ahh, water!
He and this little girl just laughed and laughed at this turtle.
Wrangling the turtle

The cave
They had fun chasing each other through the cave too.

Tatum teaching Teagan the fine art of increasing water pressure.
Oh, there are puddles too!


Krista said...

I've heard this play was pretty cool. I'll have to go sometime.

PS. Music on the blog?'ve come a long way. I'll teach you how to link next time I see you.

Krista said...

Uhh... I meant park, not play.