Monday, July 02, 2007

July 1

Yesterday, we went to Krista's house. She needed a bunch of handy man type stuff done, and since she is a single woman, she took advantage of her BIL. We took advantage of going over there to have a family cook out. Of course, dumb me, couldn't find my camera until we were ready to go home. So these are the after math. Teagan had to get cleaned up after playing in the stick pile (for the fire pit). Krista didn't think far enough in advance to get Smore fixin's, so we had to settle for Killer Brownies from DLM. Thank God for Mom because Krista tried to feed us healthy food. :op
After we left Krista's, we parked down by the river to see the firework show. That black abyss behind Tatum is the river. It's too dark to make out the family of ducks swimming along.
Okay, so the firework pics didn't turn out so well, but you get the point. This is from my vantage point in the truck. It was too cold to stand outside. Yes, too cold, in Ohio, in July.

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