Sunday, October 07, 2007

Bread doughn't

Well, the bread experiment was just that, an experiment. Part of the instructions said something about being sure to get the air bubbles out. I wasn't exactly sure what they meant by that. And apparently, what I did didn't work. The bread was full of little air pockets, and was no where near light and fluffy like normal white bread. I tried it. It wasn't terrible, but it seemed rather heavy. Bobby has been eating it, but that just proves that he will eat anything.

If you want to try some really yummy bread, stop by the Big Sky Bread Company, and get some Serious Sinnamon bread. Mmmmmm.

And yes, it has been alot longer than the hour I said it would take the bread to bake, but that's what happens when you work nights and have 4 kids.

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