Monday, October 22, 2007

A trip to the Farm

We always try to make it out to Brumbaugh Fruit Farm every Fall. We went out a couple weekends ago, when it was nice and sunny. The kid were slightly over dressed, and I, of course, became the jacket holder. That's the bad thing about having a 2 1/2 yr old. He thinks he's too big to be wheeled around in a stroller, so I'm stuck carrying everything. Anyway, Brumbaugh is great kids fun, and so much better than most of the Fall festivals around here, in my opinion. Although the old lady working in the bakery was a moody bugger. Of course, it was rather warm in there and there were alot of people, so I tried to cut her a break. Unfortunately, you couldn't really see what you wanted until your spot in line moved up enough to view the display case, which was exactly the time they wanted to know what you wanted. She seemed to be a little annoyed that people had to think about it before deciding between donuts, cookies, fritters, pies, dumplings...... I opted for the apple dumpling. Yum! And some apple fritters. Bobby chose a cherry turnover, and the kids split a dozen cookies. The kids got a kick out of the "Gourd"geous bathtub.

The 'Monster" slide. A huge plastic drainage pipe turned into an extra tall slide. It was pretty fun. I tried it out myself.

Teag had a little help from Daddy, swiping an apple from a tree. The boy does love apples. And whoever said the bees are disappearing, never walked around on a warm day, eating an apple.
The corn box. Much less messy than sand.

Such a cutie. Minus the snot.

Yummm, nummy pumpkin cookie.

No, I'm not a mess! Don't look at me.

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