Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Welcome October!

This past weekend was the Fall Farm Tour. We took the kids to a couple family farms, a farmer's market, and Germantown Metro Park.
200 pounds of kids!
There was a petting area at the farm market. The little people liked the little pigs.
This one laid down right next to the fence to get it's belly rubbed.
Tatum took this pic of Travis doing his homework. I asked her why she wanted to take a picture, she said "Because he works so hard."
Checking out the sheep.

Some were not so enthralled by the sheep shearing demo.

A pretty cool honey bee exhibit.
The kids had fun checking out the farm animals, seeing the costumed old timers, chowing down on hot dogs grilled over an open fire, and going on a hay ride. Tanner asked as we were leaving, "Mom, someday can we live on a farm?"


Special K said...

Cool pics. Looks like fun.

So are you letting Teagan grow his hair out too? He has a bit of a mullet. :)

Jazmyn AKA Grandma said...

Hey, I LOVE October, too!!! It's birthday month...first me, then Travis (the big one), then Braeden, then...ummmm your brother Ryan?

Looks like the farm experience was a lot of fun. If you keep taking them on farm tours you're gonna have to buy one!!!

Hey, tell the older boys that I bought Monster Truck 4X4 Excite Truck for my Wii!!! I'll have to come out there and let them keep me up till 2 am again!!!