Monday, October 22, 2007

Flooding, Boogers, and MRSA!

Have you ever had one of those days? One where you've been busy cleaning, while the little people quietly entertain themselves? At some point, you start thinking, hmmm, maybe they are a little too quiet. And two minutes after you think, maybe someone should check on the 2 yr old. That someone being the husband sitting on the couch watching TV while you are busy scrubbing the toilet. And then, hmm, is it raining?

In the DINING ROOM?!?!? Apparently, a 2 yr old can quietly flood an upstairs bathroom without alerting anyone until the ceiling starts dripping, a lot. Teag was having a grand time, playing in the sink with his bath squirters. Unfortunately, he had the water running full blast. He, of course, didn't think that was a problem. I'm sure it just added to the fun. In fact, I'm pretty positive he thought it was way cool. After Bobby sucked up the inch of water on the floor with the steam cleaner, I noticed the mirrors were splashed, as were the walls, the cabinets, the toilet, the DOOR ON THE OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE SINK! And, the midget responsible for this act of destruction, yeah, he was soaked. And for some dumb reason, I thought I would get a logical answer when I asked, "did you not think anything was wrong when you got all wet?" His response, offered up with a huge grin, no.

So I was in the bathroom earlier, cleaning water off the counter top...... different day, same kid. And Tate starts picking her nose. I say:
Got a booger?
Hehehehe, yeah. I'm going to eat it.
Ewww, gross.
No, it's good.
Really? What's it taste like?
You don't even like bananas so how could it be good?
I ate one at daycare.
What? A booger?
Nooooo, a banana.

This is just a guess, but I'm thinking boogers don't taste like bananas. More people would probably eat them, if they did.

So, we keep hearing MRSA this and MRSA that. Being a nurse, it's not a new thing. It just appears to be on the rise in schools. Or, they are just more concerned about it now. So Tanner tells me his big toe hurts. I looked at it. It looked a little red, and I immediately thought, OH NO, MRSA!!!! Then I looked closer and realized it's just a little pink where it rubbed against his shoe. No big deal.

So I got an automated phone call from the Superintendent today. Yep, a kid at the high school has been diagnosed. With MRSA!

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