Monday, October 08, 2007

The littlest T's

While the older T's are at school, the littlest T's have to find ways to entertain themselves. Sometimes it involves playing together. Most of the time, it involves fighting. A rare moment of sibling bliss. Notice they even had a basket for their bunnies to sit in. Aren't they sweet?

Uh, no. In order to obtain the two baskets, they needed to dump out the toy basket and a laundry basket. The cards? Yeah, I don't know why it was necessary to spread those all over the floor. And why was there a laundry basket in the living room anyway? Well, that is dh's way of folding whites. Put the basket in the living room, grab socks as needed, leave it there for however many days it takes for Carla to get sick of looking at it and put it away herself. And those big clodhoopers, yeah, those are his too. He has a hard time locating the closet, so a collection of his shoes can generally be found under the coffee table.

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Alison said...

Gosh, I know that scene way too well. Ursula's my tornado. We've finally managed to keep their toys out of the living room (except for Wyatt's toys off in the corner).

DH's shoes? Ohhh yeah... Jeremy can't locate closets or drawers apparently... well, with the exception of removing items from them. He can't seem to find the garbage cans either.. nor the sink for that matter...