Sunday, July 27, 2008

36w3d appt

I had another appt with my midwife on Friday. All is well. Baby sounds good and is measuring right on. My feet still look like heifer ankles. But my BP is a perfectly normal 110/60. So, I guess I'm a healthy cow. She offered to take me off work, but I sucked it up and said no, I guess I can handle it. I did ask her if she could write for me to be on 8 hour shifts. I don't know if it will make a huge difference since I still don't take advantage of my time off to put my feet up. But, like she said, you don't want to go into labor feeling run down. It'll just take longer to recover. She's so smart. I didn't even think of that.

She did offer to check my cervix since we collected the Group B Strep culture. I declined since she was going out of town that afternoon and I didn't want her stirring anything up.

The last 3 kids have all come 8-11 days early so I am aiming for the weekend of Aug 8-10. I was looking at the to do list, and mentioned to Bobby that we potentially only have 1 MORE WEEKEND to get things done. Eeeek!!!

My next appt is Friday.

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Debbie said...

Glad everything is going well and right on schedule. Can't believe you're going to orientation with a 2 - 4 week old. Well, if anyone can do it, you can!!
Good luck! Love ya, Debbie