Friday, July 04, 2008


Okay, I'm normally not a big complainer. I have a pretty high pain tolerance. I mean, I had a baby in my bath tub, for goodness sake. But, my back is flipping killing me.

I pulled a muscle or pinched a nerve in my back on Wednesday morning and have been suffering since then. It sucks because it is constant pain. I'm okay if I sit still or stand still, but trying to change position or walk, is painful. And it's not getting better.

I've tried taking Tylenol, big help that is. Both hot showers and stretching help during, but as soon as I'm done, there's the pain again. I've already taken two days off of work and tomorrow's not looking real promising. Which really sucks because I haven't called out sick in over 2 years. I thought about just going and sucking it up. I mean, it's just pain, right? But, thankfully, I stuck with my plan and stayed home, because it just got worse through the day.

I'm hoping I can get in to see a chiropractor tomorrow, even though it's a holiday weekend. I think if I saw my family doc, he would just give me pain killers. Yeah, that would help with the pain, but it wouldn't fix the problem.

If anyone has any suggestions, or sympathy, feel free to send it my way.


Laura McIntyre said...

I can sympathize, these last few months are always the longest part of pregnancy.

Oh you are looking great though, and i loved the vacation pics. Must of been nice to get away

Anonymous said...

How about Tarragon?

Candace said...

Carla, Sending a truck load of Symphathy your way!! Hey, I came from your sisters blog. The vacation pics are GREAT! Your children are simply CUTIE Pies!!! You are blessed, congrats on the newest little girl also.

How about another "T" name suggestion.....

OziMum said...

I've just popped in from Krista's blog! I like Thalia, but its very popular, here in Australia! My niece's name is Talia (pronounced Ta-lee-a, not Tar-lia as Tahlia is normally pronounced. Talia means heavenly dew, BTW!)

I'm sure you've spent plenty of time on the baby names sites, but here's a couple on my names list:
and Trista (ooo - kinda combines Krista!)