Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Been up to

First, let me say, some songs have no special meaning to me. I pick them because I like them, Krista. :op Like, I'm not planning on getting divorced even though I had the Reba McEntire/Kenny Chesney duet, nor have I ever kissed a girl, I think. I just think this song is catchy, and I find it funny that whenever we're in the car, Tatum has to ask me

"Why did she kiss a girl?"
"Because she wanted to try it."
"Why did she want to try it?"
"I guess to see if she liked it"

While I haven't really knocked anything else off my to do list, I have done a few things. Despite the fact that I hurt my back again yesterday. I swear the chiropractor did it. I didn't do anything differently or anything directly that made me think that I hurt it. I went to the chiro in the morning and within a few hours, I noticed that when I stood up, the same pain that I had a couple weeks ago was back. The only thing she did differently at that visit was drop the foot of the table down to stretch my lower back. So the only thing I accomplished yesterday was taking some extra strength Tylenol, alternating heat and cold, and lying around whining about how much my back hurt. I hope it's pregnancy related and will soon end. I'm getting back to the "unable to relax my butt muscles" stage, which was not comfortable.

Anyway, today I baked some banana bread. Mmmm.
Sunday, I picked more beans. I guess I need to get busy freezing them. Unfortunately, this was only half the row, so I have to go out there, AGAIN.

And here's my first cucumber! Isn't it huge? It's bigger than the ones I got at the Farmer's Market last week. Of course, the vine has taken over the garden fence, which means that some of them grow on the outside of the fence. Which means this isn't actually my first cuke. More like the third or fourth.

Meet the cuke stealing mutt. She either really likes veggies, or she thinks they are chew toys. She steals pumpkins too. Maybe it's a squash fetish.

This is our "new" crib. Can you believe I paid $40 for it? It converts to a toddler and a full size bed. I wish I would have taken before pics. The crib and the dresser/changer are wood and had a honey colored stain. These are after Bobby painstakingly hand painted them both. Okay, so he spray painted them, but he wants everyone to think it was hard work.

I did get the diapers and the baby clothes put away. So, I think we are a little closer to being ready for this little girl. We have the clothes, diapers, car seat, and boobs, so I guess, we're good. Well, not really. That's all we have. I suppose I'll need a diaper pail to put those dirty diapers in. Oh, and baby socks. I have one pair. Hmmm, do you really need receiving blankets? I don't have any of those either, or diapers or pacifiers, or baby butt stuff, or wipes. Okay, so maybe I'm not ready. Darn it.

Hey, you know what's really gross? When you're drinking a nice cold glass of grape Kool aid, and just about the time you are ready to tip your glass up for the final sip, you realize there is a huge, dead fly floating in the bottom. Ewwww, I feel sick.

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