Thursday, July 03, 2008

A peek inside

We took a peek at Baby T today. Which, in itself, was a feat. I pinched a nerve in my back yesterday and have been aching with every step, with the odd sharp pain thrown in for kicks. But, I managed to get there without too much moaning.

On top of that, I am 33 weeks now. The US tech, who is just great I should add (not the same as last time), said we could have got clearer pics at about 28 weeks. Well, that was when the first US got cancelled. Anyway, the little one has her head wedged down in my pelvis without alot of fluid in front of her face, which made it difficult to get a really clear picture. On top of that, she apparently likes to stick her arms up by her head, and her hands in her mouth. Here's her little face. Like I said, she is a little squished. Her eyes are closed, her nose is right there in the middle and her pouty little mouth is there under her nose. :op

This is the typical 2d pic. I wish we could have captured the profile on video. She kept opening her mouth and sucking her lips. We discovered why towards the end. She managed to get her fingers in her mouth, which meant the end of trying to get pics. All we could see was her fist in front of her face and her thumb.

And yes, I keep saying her. Them there is her girl parts. Confirmation for you skeptics.

These two pics aren't as clear. You can see she has her hand up on the left side of the pic, and her other arm is down in front of her chin. Bobby said she looks like a cat in the pic above.

The tech estimated her to be about 4 1/2 pounds now, which would make her about 7 1/2 by her due date. I know that doesn't sound all that big these days, but Teagan was only 6 lbs 5 oz. Tatum was a whole pound bigger at 7 lbs 5 oz, and I sure could feel the difference. I guess I grow my girls bigger.

She is still nameless. There are two names that I am leaning towards, but I may put up a little poll to get other opinions. Bear in mind, it will not affect my ultimate decision. :op


Special K said...

Well, since 100% of your votes are for Tierney, I think you should choose that one.

It shouldn't make any difference that I'm the only vote so far. :P

PS. Thanks for letting me tag along with you to see Baby T today. Seeing her smooshed face was pretty cool. :)

Mom aka Grandma said...

It's UNANIMOUS!!! I vote for Tierney, too!!!

twokayaks said...

I'm here from K's blog and voted for Thalia. I think all of the names you have up there are beautiful and you couldn't possibly go wrong with any of them. Best of luck!!

hedgetoad said...

Jumped over from your sis's blog...

as someone with a slightly unusual name I can saw without a doubt that Teragan and Tarryn should be out. She will be forever saying "No, it's T-E-R" or "No, it's T-A-R-R-Y-N" and having her records (school, credit, driving, etc.) mixed up because of misspellings.

The file thing will be a problem with Tess as well... hugely popular name.