Saturday, December 15, 2007

Another Snow Day

Of course, today is Saturday. So it's not really a "snow day". Can you see how fat these flakes are? What's better to do when the weather is frightful? Okay, this was before the snow started, but I like the idea. I told Travis to go brush his teeth and get his jammies on, and I'd be in to tuck him in last night. This is what I found.

So, it started coming down this morning. I thought I heard we'd have an inch by 6 pm. I must have heard wrong. This was at noon, and it's still coming down. And yes, that is the window screen. I wasn't going to go out and stand in it. LOL (Although, I have been out already. My van is in the garage. This is Bobby's van getting buried in the snow.)
We had planned to take Tatum to a salon today for her birthday. But, we rescheduled for next week. Her birthday is next weekend anyway. I have been out to the bank, the grocery, and Tatum's ballet class (which, of course, was cancelled). The roads are pretty slushy and I'm sure will just get more icy through the day. Krista said the weather man was calling for another 5-6 inches. Ugh! We're supposed to be leaving for Gatlinburg in the morning. Bobby told me if it keeps snowing, he's not letting me drive to Gatlinburg. Um, excuse me, did you just try to tell ME I'm not going to do something? And yeah, it's just the kids and I going. Bobby can't get off work.
This is December in OHIO!

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Special K said...

First, the pic of Travis is adorable. He'll hate you for that someday when he's older. And snuggling with the penguin...awwwww

Second, you probably should listen to your husband on this one. (I know..the horror!) The roads won't be any better tomorrow. Are actually expected to be worse. More freezing rain tonight and tomorrow. Wait until Monday and see how it looks. That's precious cargo you'll be carrying. Is it really worth the risk?