Monday, December 10, 2007


Friday night was our second annual girl cousin ornament exchange. A little over a year ago, (I think), we all got together when our cousin Sarah came to visit from Montana. We decided to keep it going and try to get together every couple months. We always have alot of fun, eat way too much, and stay out way too late.

Krista and I both missed the close knit family feeling when we were young. Dad was the baby of the family, so our cousins were older by the time we came along. They had kids who were our ages. And since they all lived close to each other, and hung out more, we felt like the social outcasts of the family, just visiting twice a year, for the reunion and Christmases. Krista, Travis and I always sat around asking who was who, especially when new babies came along. I think we all really wanted to be a part of a big family, which is why Krista insists on all of us living close to her, and why I always wanted a gazillion kids. (okay, not a gazillion, just 5 or 10! LOL) Last year, we had our Christmas get together at Krista's house. This year, it was at Hope's house, which I just love. She has it decorated beautifully, and it's always felt very homey. Of course, it was Uncle Bob's and Aunt Shirley's house when we were little, so we all have a few childhood memories from there.
Hmmm, the profiles really give the family genes away, huh?
The little one is Miss Laila, Missy's daughter. She was very helpful, and such a cutie, even if she does look like her Dad.
Checking out Mom's stuff
Presents for me?
Krista AKA The Penguin Freak
Lisa, yeah, she's a little kooky. You think this is funny, ask her about the poop story.


Lisa B. said...

What great pictures!! Boy, we do have fun when we get together, don't we?

Debbie said...

Wow! Didn't know we were going to get to be on the blog when you were taking pictures!! How cool is that!! Sorry you guys felt that way when you were know, of course, it was just your ages, you were just babies! Funny, isn't, we're like all pretty much the same age!!! lol Seriously, I am SO GLAD we are doing the get togethers so we can get to know each other as adults and spend time together and be part of each others lives! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! I miss so much being so far away. Your blog is a great way to keep up with the family and close the distance between us. Merry Christmas to all!