Friday, December 21, 2007


We took a very expensive trip to Dollywood while we were in TN. It was pretty cool, but cold and probably not worth the full admission price. They don't decrease the regular admission for their Christmas program despite the fact that it is winter, which means certain rides would just not be prudent to have open. The kids did have a good time. All the kiddie rides were open, and Tanner and Travis rode some ride called Blazing Fury, which I guess is an indoor roller coaster. Tanner really wanted to ride on the Mystery Mine, but unfortunately, by the time we made it back to that side of the park, they had closed it for the night. Bummer.
None of the night time pics came out very well, for a few reasons. One, it was dark. Two, my camera battery was about out of juice. Three, the kids were wore out and cold.
Teagan and Tatum have started this new thing when taking pictures. They try to see who can yell Cheese the loudest, which explains the open mouth looks on the two of them. Tanner was of course, too cool to smile.

Feeding the ducks
The little ones liked the carousel. Tanner seemed to think he is just a wee bit too old for the boring carousel.

Riding the Choo choo. Be warned. If you stick your head out the side to take a pic, you will be covered in soot. The kids were apparently immune to it. Hours later, Tanner tells me, you have coal on your face. So I try to let him instruct me through wiping it off. I rubbed it all over my face, and then got it off "good enough" according to Tanner. A while later, I made it to a bathroom to check it out for myself. Yeah, don't expect a 10 yr old to be much help when it comes to getting chunks of coal of your face. I had spots all over my face and in my hair. Ugh!
For those planning on taking a trip, here are some pointers. I know you're not supposed to take in drinks. but if you have a stroller or diaper bag, take advantage of it. I paid $9 for a hot cocoa and 4 cookies. And eat alot before you go, so you only have to eat once. If it looks good and smells good whem you walk by, get that. We opted for $33 worth of pizza, because I know it's something the kids will eat. Yuck! It was gross. It makes LaRosa's at Kings Island sooooo worth the price. Pick a few shows that you'd like to see. There's no way you'll be able to make it to them popcorn unless you want to buy expensive popcorn. And, don't forget hats and gloves if you're going in winter. Duh!


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The kids looked like they had fun.

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