Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Christmas is in the air

The "kid" tree

We got our trees put up. Bobby told the kids we would put the tree up last weekend, so he had me drag all the decorations out of storage while he was getting the boys haircuts. We put the tree up, strung the lights, then Daddy parked himself in front of the TV while Mommy and the kids put the ornaments on. Tradition? Hmmm.... And yes, there are two trees. One is for my snowman ornament collection, the other is for all the kids ornaments, those made at school and those bought specifically for them.

Now, knowing that there were four little people hanging ornaments, that might explain why some areas of the tree are a little more populated than others. I find myself moving ornaments daily, filling in the gaps, and moving the breakables up from the bottom.

Tatum in her party hat

Teagan "helping". He's too cool to look at the camera.

Tanner, hmm? How to explain? He thinks that every picture must be posed. So this is his version of Santa.

Travis had to get in on the action. In case you are wondering about Tanner's position, he was "catching the toys falling out of Santa's bag". Love the cool over the shoulder look Travis is giving.

These are some of my favorite ornaments. This one was a gift from some penguin freak I know.

This one came through the mail from an online friend.

I think I got this little guy, and his brother, from the gift shop at Der Dutchman in Waynesville, several years ago.

I know, he's not a snowman, but I love his dangly little legs and the "sugar" coating.

A few other Xmas decorations to share.

This is the kids' favorite. The little snowman in the center "ice skates" when you wind him up.

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