Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Snow day!!

We woke up to a few inches of snow this morning. It snowed all through the night, so I wasn't too surprised when we got the automated call at 5:30 to say there was a 2 hr delay. And later, at 7:30, a cancellation call. Of course, the boys were thrilled. By 9 am, they were asking to go outside.
I don't know what's worse. Squeezing snow pants over a pair of toddler boots, or manipulating 2 yr old thumbs into a pair of mittens. I think I actually exercised today. It was all floor work, sweating and grunting trying to squeeze Teagan's little prebooted feet into his snow pants. Not fun. And then trying to explain the concept of holding your thumb away from your fingers to slide mittens on. Ugh. He just kept saying okay, then would clench all his fingers together as I put the mitten on. I'm so glad he stayed out there longer than 10 minutes, because it sure would have seemed like wasted effort.

What is eating snow all about anyway? I mean, really, why do we do it?
And yes, the goofy dog is trying to catch the snow in her mouth. I don't know what Travis is trying to do.

They had a good time. Teagan actually lasted longer than Tatum. She had to come in to pee about 15 minutes later and decided to stay in. Now, why didn't I think to ask her about peeing before bundling her up in 4 layers?

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