Friday, December 21, 2007


There is a waterpark at the resort we stayed at. It is an indoor/outdoor park because it has a retractable roof. Even being supposedly "indoor", when it is 25 degrees outside, it is still cold inside, especially when you're wet and barely dressed. The kids didn't seem to mind the purple lips, but I was freezing. We quickly learned that the 1 foot deep kiddie pool was the warmest pool, and the hot tub was even better. It was pretty cool though. Behind the kiddie pool, there was a huge jungle gym with all kinds of squirty water toys and a giant dumping water bucket on top. Next to that, was a 3-4 foot deep pool with basketball nets. And beyond that, there are two huge slides, one for intertubes and the other a body slide. They reached all the way up to the roof. The boys really loved the slides. There is also a lazy river, but it was unfortunately down the day we were there.

Trying to get Teagan's attention

He finally looks up and says..... NO PICTURES!

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Special K said...

It looks like you were the only ones in the place. Maybe because you were freezing your arses off.