Thursday, February 07, 2008

Being a SAHM

Okay, let me just preface this by saying, I am technically, not a stay at home Mom. I do work full time as a L&D nurse, but, my schedule works out so that every third week, I have a 7 day stretch when I get to play at being a SAHM.
I noticed, after the past week, that it is possible to get more accomplished when you are home all day long versus working 12 hour night shifts which require you to sleep during the day when you are home. I have cleaned, done more laundry, and cooked more in the past week, than I have in a long time. Of course, part of that might be because the pregnancy fatigue is letting up. I haven't left the house in two days, but I DIDN'T HAVE TO!!!!
You can also have days as a SAHM when you celebrate your SAHMedness by staying in your pj's until 3 pm!!! No offense to any SAHM's who like to dress before 8 am, and have a full schedule planned for every day. But this is my blog! I enjoy the freedom and spontaneity of doing whatever I want or nothing at all.

To recap our week:

Saturday was resale shopping day, where I caved and bought maternity clothes. I can still squeeze into my jeans, especially since I keep the spare "fat" pair around for emergencies. But with maternity tops, I can disguise the fact that if I want to wear clothes and eat all in the same day, I must unbutton, uh, and sometimes unzip my regular jeans.

I also found these cute little sleepers. I know, a little early, but so what. The ducks are cute, and check out the little bears on the toes! Also had to snatch these up. Only $3.50!!! And yes, they are still a little big but, I have a little girl shoe fetish. I have the hardest time finding cute and comfortable shoes (do those two words even go together when talking about women's shoes?) in my own size so I live vicariously through my daughter's feet.
Sunday: Cleaning, Super Bowl, and early to bed. Actually, during the Super Bowl. Bobby said it was a good game in the last couple minutes. I can't recall. The last thing I remember is Tom Petty.

Monday: We took a trip down to Centerville to see Uncle Travis, who was feeling like crap but still managed to cut Teagan's unruly hair. (I still need to hold him still long enough to snap a pic) We dropped by City Barbeque for a Pig Up and Go pack for dinner. Yum, yum, yummy. Bobby, being the Texan that he is, loves brisket, and I hate to cook it. Ergo.....
We also stopped by McD's which we are prone to do whenever we leave the house. What is up with that place? I am convinced they slip drugs into their McNuggets because I swear my kids are addicts. But, hey, all white meat chicken, 1% milk, and apples! It's healthy, right?

Tuesday: More laundry, and hanging out in pj's. We did bake chocolate chip cookies, which I had to stash before the little people ate them all. I'm still not sure whether the older boys got any or not.

Wednesday: More laundry. (Does it ever end?) I also managed to rearrange and clean Tatum's room. I'm sure it won't stay clean for long. And, I made meatloaf for dinner! I love meatloaf! Why does it seem like it should be so hard to make? It's really not, but that is why I avoid making it.

Thursday: On the agenda for today, more laundry. A trip to the library to return and pick up more. And a stop by the grocery for more milk ( I should have stock in the dairy market!), and to pick up stuff for King Ranch Chicken. I found my recipe the other day while I was lazing around in my pj's. I used to make this all the time, but have't made it in years. Seriously............. Y E A R S. (Does it bother anyone that I say grocery, and not grocery store? That so irks my husband. Why, I ask, why??? Damn Texan.)

Things I have learned this week:

There is a reason the directions tell you to leave Pizza Rolls in the microwave for 2 minutes. It is not a suggestion. If you bite into one, inevitably, the boiling ingredients will drip onto your chin causing a first degree burn. It's much better to pop the whole thing into your mouth. Of course, then you will have to walk around with your mouth hanging open in an attempt to suck in enough cool air to keep your tongue from melting. Or you could wait for them to cool, but what kind of pansy ass does that? Better yet, leave them to the kids. I'm sure the reason they are classified as kid food, is because they have absolutely no nutritional value anyway.

As many times as you are willing to pick up puzzle pieces off the floor, your 2 1/2, almost 3 yr old will be willing to dump them one more time.

Wearing jammies all day is comfy!

If you tell your 2 1/2- 3 yr old child that this is the last pack of diapers we are buying because he will use the big boy potty, he won't.

My 5 yr old girl must be the most obstinate human on earth. That's what she calls people, by the way. It's always "Mommy, look at that human." "That human is sleeping". "Those humans are funny". I guess because, in her world, you are human, or animated.

You must repeatedly remind 10 yr old boys if you want them to accomplish anything.

Even if you avoid organized religion, your almost 8 yr old will find a way. He has always gone down to the church youth center half a block up from us. I never thought anything of it, because they have games in the evenings and they feed him. I thought he just liked to hang out. But, apparently, he is paying attention. He told me last night that you can't go to church if you're mean. So when I ask if Mommy or Daddy would be allowed to go, he said no, because we're mean. Little brat. But, ahahahahaha, I can use this to my advantage. Just 5 minutes later he was pinching his sister. I said, hmmm, you can't go to church if you're mean, right? That seems mean. His response, I didn't pinch her hard.

If you think your 5 yr old and almost 3 yr old are playing too quietly in the playroom, they are probably in your room, shredding styrofoam.

It is possible to drown in children's clothing, especially if you have 4 of them, and you are buying for one who isn't even here yet. The problem is that I am frugal. So I buy things on sale, or used, when they are available. Like, I bought garbage bags full of boys 14-16 clothes during the summer thinking that Tanner would fit in them eventually. Well, eventually, came sooner than expected. So, now the boys have 7's, 8's, 10's, 12's and 14's in their closet.

If you tell your almost 8 yr old boy to go comb his hair before school, he may come out of the bathroom like this.

And he will ignore you and continue to eat his cereal while you snap his pic.
If your 5 yr old asks, "Mommy, where is your ring?" What she really means is, I was playing with your expensive diamond ring and now I can't find it, so where do you think I might have put it?

Yellow Labs really appreciate rain and mud.

The smell of wet Yellow Lab will trigger morning sickness.

If you let your 2 1/2-3 yr old help make meatloaf, there will be big chunks of Saltines mixed in.

Bacon is gooooood! Microwave bacon, without the popping grease, is even better.

If you ask your 5 yr old if she spilled cereal in the playroom, she will lie, even though she knows you saw her take it up the stairs.

If your 2 1/2-3 yr old tells your 5 yr old that she is NOT the boss of her dolls, he is WRONG!

My 2 1/2- 3 yr old has got to be the most hilarious human on earth, without even trying.


Special K said...

I love the hair. Travis..our little non-conformist. He has his own style about everything.

Funny stuff. I miss those T's. Maybe I'll come see them this weekend.

PS. Did you find your ring?
PSS. Did you see my e-mail about the airfare?

Debbie said...

Love the hair AND the attitude!! Glad all you humans are doing good and everyone is healthy over there! Yeah for morning sickness easing up! Sounds like you had a very educational week!