Friday, February 29, 2008

Baby bean update

At 15 weeks, the nausea is not completely gone. It is a little better, but not gone. It still comes around if I eat too many sweets, or if I eat a big meal. For the last few days, I have been thankful for the nausea as it is the only symptom I have right now. I am still a little early to be feeling any movement. And since my appt 2 weeks ago, I haven't heard the bean. Not to mention, last week while picking up the kids at daycare, I slid and did a faceplant right in the parking lot. I know my stomach really isn't big enough to worry about actually hurting the baby if I hit it, but when we didn't have any luck with the Doppler at work last week, I was a little concerned.

We took a listen this morning before I left work. And lo and behold, there is a little person in there. The heart rate was about 150. He/she is a little squirmer. We had to do some chasing, but were able to catch the bean on the Doppler for a minute or two or at a time. I have to admit, I am relieved. I think I can relax now until my next appt on Mar. 20.


Special K said...

You didn't tell me you fell.
Glad to hear everything looks good.

Laura McIntyre said...

Sorry about the fall, how scary .

Thats great you got to hear the heartbeat, such a great feeling is't it?
I have an appointment today and im so hoping to hear it