Sunday, February 17, 2008

Tanner is 11!

Eleven years ago, I became a Mom. Tanner was the first, the practice model, the child I would learn how to become a parent to. Bobby and I were young, 23 and 25, and I'm sure we didn't completely know what we were getting into. I know we've made mistakes along the way, and I hope Tanner will eventually forgive us for those. Probably not when he's a teen, but someday. Tanner Jacob came into the world at 6:52 am, February 16, 1997, weighing all of 6 pounds 11 ounces. He was a petite little guy.
But quickly grew into a fat little critter. Check out the rolls. He gets the butt honestly, from both parents.
He's always been a fun kid.....
a little moody,
a little curious, a little obsessive, (he wore the "Steve" shirt for days on end)
a little sweet,

a little cantankerous,
and a wee bit zany.
Through the years........
Age 1
Age 2

Age 3
Age 4
Age 6
Age 7
Age 10
We took him out to dinner for his birthday, where he put away a steak, potato, salad, and dessert. I don't know how we'll keep him fed as a teenager. He loves food, and is thankfully, one of my less picky kids. Still not too fond of fruit, but at least he eats a variety.
Tanner is my techno kid. He's all into video games, CD players, MP3's. His latest obsession is Guiter Hero III. And if he's not responding to you, there's a good chance, he's in his room playing it. He'd much rather do that than homework or chores.
He's a smart, funny, stubborn, loveable, annoying preteen. And I gotta admit, I love the ornery booger.
Happy Birthday, little man.


Special K said...

Happy Birthday Tanner!

Sometimes it's hard to remember that he was ever that small.

debbie said...

Happy Birthday Tanner!! Hope you had a great time eating your steak, potato and all and hope you had a great day!!

Love ya, Debbie

Laura McIntyre said...

Happy Birthday Tanner, he has turned into such a handsome lad

Lisa B. said...

Happy Birthday to Tanner!!

Have a birthday that's swell,
Have a bithday that's great.
Blow out your candles,
But don't spit on the cake!!

I told you all good people are born in February!! Four more days until mine!!