Friday, February 15, 2008

Little bean update

I had another appt today with my CNM. No real concerns. The nausea is still here and has gotten progressively worse. Which is weird for me. With my other kids, I had morning sickness that started right at 6 weeks, but was gone by the second trimester. This time, it started at 6 weeks, and worsened at week 10. I'm into the second trimester now and just wondering when in the heck it is going to end. I did learn that I cannot nonchalantly nosh on handfulls of jelly beans unless I want to be nauseated for hours. The last two nights at work were bad. I had to stop myself from gagging several times before walking into patient's rooms.

Anyway, enough vomit talk. All appears well with the little bean. She was able to find the heartbeat right off, which was reassuring. I tried to listen at work with the aid of a couple other L&D nurses. We just determined that our Doppler sucks. I only gained 1 pound since my last visit. Yay! I'm sure the nausea helps with that, but I'm also trying to cut out alot of the junk I used to eat. I am starting out way above where I should be, so I'd like to keep the weight gain to a minimum this time. Especially considering that all the other kids have kindly left me with an additional 10 pounds (at least) once they exited my body. I am still fitting into my jeans, although sucking in the belly just isn't feasible anymore. There's definitely a little bump growing down there.

Our next appt will be in March, when we'll be having the US. And no, no one is invited.


Mom said...

Then don't ask me to babysit the other kids this time if you're not going to let me peek.

Laura McIntyre said...

A nice non eventful appointment always the perfect kind. Glad everything is looking well
(Laura from the APAug group)

Special K said...

Peek at what? What's mom talking about? You didn't find out did you?

Glad to hear all is well.

Debbie said...

So glad everything is going well. Sorry about the nausea though! On the bright side though, like you said, maybe it's helping keep the weight down! lol Hope you feel better soon.

Soumyana said...

Thank you for your blog. I enjoyed looking at the pictures of your kids growing up :-)

A fellow Dayton Attached parent