Sunday, September 28, 2008

7 weeks

Tess is 7 weeks old today. I caught an adorable smile on camera, but unfortunately, had the flash off and wiggled my hand so it's not focused all that great. But, it's still pretty darn cute. She is starting to coo a little and make some semi laughing noises. You can't tell in the pic but she has a dimple on her left cheek, same as Teagan.
She has put on a couple pounds, and has the chubby cheeks to prove it. I think she must be going through a growth spurt right now. She was sleeping 5 hours at night, but now she is waking up every few hours. Let's hope it's a short spurt.

She's always willing to smile for Daddy. She makes me work for it. I wasn't too good at catching the grins with the flash on though.

Tess isn't my only sleeping baby girl.
I guess she had a rough day at school.

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