Thursday, September 04, 2008

Get your cute baby fix

Okay, back to pictures of Tess. Didn't want you to go through withdrawal. This is Tatum's second week of school and she is still, just as excited. I found her a "new" lunchbox at Goodwill, of all places. I was going to just get her one of those nylon collapsible types that always seem to get squished out of shape. But, then I saw.......a classic Hello Kitty lunchbox, to match her book bag. Now this was probably originally meant for a little girl's make up kit or hair bows or the like, since I don't think they even make metal lunch boxes anymore. But, it works for her.
So, I'm lying down trying to get Tess to nurse and take a nap, when Teagan walks in with his hand all balled up. He was riding his trike in the backyard, and obviously, got sidetracked into digging in the dirt. Hmmm, what's in his hand, do you suppose? With this kid, it could be anything. Last week, while I was lying on the couch with Tess (is this a trend?), with my eyes closed, I might add, Teagan comes in with some little flying insect. I open my eyes to discover his little fingers pinching this insect about 1/2 inch from my eyeball. I asked him to take it outside. About two minutes later, he comes back to tell me "I pulled his wings off". Sweet, huh?
Well, today he says he has a "wormy wormy". I'm okay with earthworms. No big deal. He has brought them in before, but then he opened his hand to show me this ugly caterpillar grub like creature. I couldn't hurry him out the door fast enough. Although I did have to laugh at him when he started whining about it "getting me" when it grabbed onto his finger.
Enough about ugly crawly things. Back to the cute baby pics.

I just love her fly away hair. Whenever I wash it, it stands up like this, whether I brush it or not. And it smells so yummy. Johnson's Shea Butter baby wash, mmmm. I could just walk around sniffing her head.
I had big plans for today, laundry, vacuuming, hanging pictures, painting some more thrift store junk. But, it's a grumpy Tess day. She's been in her swing a total of 8 minutes and now she's screaming.
I'm off to sniff my baby's head.


Special K said...

Love that first pic of Teagan & Tess. That's frameable.

I see Tatum is wearing her HM shirt. I guess she likes them. Cool lunchbox.

Thrifty Cottage Dreams said...

You have quite an entertaining blog! Your kids are so cute and I love those red chairs! Thanks for sharing!