Friday, September 19, 2008

Where have we been?

Would you believe Hurricane Ike hit Ohio? Okay, me neither. It was really just the remnants, 50 mph winds are some serious remnants though. We were with out power last Sunday for about 9 hours. Not nearly as bad as some people in the area who are still without electricity.
This is the tree in our backyard. Yeah, the one who's limb committed suicide last week. The wind took out most of the rest of them. They toppled over the fence and into the neighbor's yard.

Our own yard didn't take much of a hit.
I went to pick Krista up Monday afternoon for our trip. While she had some of a neighbor's tree in her yard, it luckily didn't do any real damage. Can't say the same for her next door neighbor's house and truck though.
And further down the street, we found this tree blocking the road. Can you see the car underneath it? Imagine walking outside and wondering where your car disappeared to. Uh, I'm pretty sure I parked around here, but I can't find my car.
Anyway, we left Monday afternoon and just returned this afternoon. Tess spent alot of the time like this.

At least while I was in the hotel room. She wasn't always so sweet for Aunt Krista. So, where were we? And no, you can't guess if you already knew where we were going.

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