Saturday, August 22, 2009

Back from KY

I just spent a very cool week in Kentucky with a great bunch of women, and man. :op It was great to reconnect with everyone and build even stronger bonds. We have all crossed over the bridge from our ADN degrees and are moving into our midwifery year. (and family nursing year for the FNP students). I have to give credit to Sonja P for some of these pics. I failed to bring my battery charger.
The drive up to the school
Haggin Dorm where most of us stayed
Forgot to mention, in this pic, the cars on the left are parked 2-3 deep, and that guardrail on the right? Well, fall over that and you'll go rolling down the mountain.

All of the rooms have a theme. I was in the Psychedelic room, which I believe was a tribute to Ina May Gaskin, the Mother of Midwifery.

Sonja P from Wyoming and Jane C from NJ

Marie, Sonja, Rachel, and me

Ringing the bell at the Frontier Chapel

Allison, Rachel H, Marie, Rachel S, Frances, Sonja, and me

Circling up

Packed in for our trip to Wendover

Heading out our last morning

And sending Sonja off in Lexington
I left Frontier with new friendships, great memories, and many, many bug bites.


Wendy said...

Looks like alot of fun! Loved that pic of the baby head coming out of .... a flower? : )

I wish you another great school year! GO CARLA!

Sarah in MT said...

I love that you're so committed to this. It sounds like re-connecting with your peers has made the last year worth it - and the next year easier to face. Good luck!