Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Day at the Dairy

The kids started back to school when I was out of town. So since I missed the first day of school, I wanted to do something fun. Not to mention, the weather was perfect this weekend. It hung right around 72 degrees. No sweaty 90's and no soggy rain. We thought about the fair but with 5 kids and rides and food and ...... well, it adds up.
So we headed out to the dairy. A little bit of fair, with animals, food, and kiddie rides, only cheaper.

The kids got a kick out of feeding the goats.

Travis was trying to feed the little brown goat when that big white one came over and butted his way in.
They all had fun playing in the corn boxes, in the bounce house, on the slides, and riding the tractor train and the tricycles.
Okay, maybe not all of them. Sucks to be the tween who's too tall for kiddie land.

It was a perfect day for ice cream and playing outside.

Even Tess got in on the fun, without eating too much dried corn.


Mom aka Grandma said...

Were you there on Sunday? Your brother was there on Saturday nite with his family!!! The restaurant there is their new favorite place to eat, they've been there 2 weeks in a row. Looks like they all had fun...well, all except the 'tween. But I bet he liked the ice cream!

Wendy said...

i need to head out to the dairy too. looks like alot of fun. tess is so cute!

Wendy said...

the twins weighed 6 lb 8 oz and 6 lb 13 oz. pretty big for twins!