Sunday, August 02, 2009

Garden fresh goodies

Right now my garden is looking like a jungle. Remind me next year to stake me tomatoes, because uh, I didn't this year. They're not really tomato plants, more like tomato vines. And they're covered in gobs of green goodness. (Was I the only one who thought of greasy, grimey gopher guts to follow gobs of?) Anyway, today's lunch consisted of a salad made with homegrown lettuce, brocolli, and cucumbers! (Plus some other not so homegrown veggies).

And is it just me, or is anyone else a little chilly? I mean seriously, the AC is turned off again, the windows are open and my feet are cold. Beats sweating with the AC chugging so I guess I'll stop complaining.

Welcome beautifully comfortable August. To recap July:

  • Nope, didn't make the No Spend Challenge. I am a Democrat after all and went well over budget.

  • Almost halfway through my fourth quarter of school. I will be heading back down to Kentucky in a couple weeks to finish up the bridge year. I was pretty nervous the first time I went but am super excited to go this time and can't wait to revisit my classmates.

  • My baby girl will be celebrating her first birthday next weekend. :o( I'm really not ready for these little people to grow up. I swear I am not letting Teagan turn 5. He will perpetually be 4.

  • Bobby and I will be celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary this Friday with food, family, and friends. I've been busy getting ready for that, just one of the reasons I busted the budget.

  • School starts in 18 days!!! The kids are not excited but I am. Hehehe.

  • Finally finished painting my office. I'll post pics once I get the pictures back on the walls.

  • Down to 166! Only one more pound to hit my second goal of 165!

  • I've got two big assignments due this week that I am hoping to finish tonight and tomorrow, so I'll be signing off for now.

1 comment:

Wendy said...

your salad looks great!

and congrats on the weight loss! you are doing so good! me, on the other hand have not been doing so good. (sigh)

anyway, the cucumber from your bag at work was delicious. thank you for forgetting it!

see you on friday!