Monday, August 17, 2009

Hanging with the fam

Family reunion 09 was this past weekend. And boy was it hot. Normally we have the reunion in June, which is normally, uh, unpredictable. Either too hot, perfect, or chilly. This year we postponed it until August. I don't think we'll be doing that again. We were all melting by the end.
Tess, cousin Sarah, and great grandma
Tess and Sarah

Cousin Darcy and Tatum
They used to both be redheaded, but are now less strawberry and more blond.

The big boys helping the little folk out with some super long balloons.
That's my Tanner there in the middle. Yep, he's as tall as me.

Bobby helping the little peeps out with their balloons.

Woohoo! Good job, honey.

Uh, are you going to be okay? Do you feel lightheaded?

Tess is wondering about all the ruckus. She was way into the watermelon. Hence, the wet collar. And Mom was sweating bullets.

Little cousins waiting patiently for balloons.

And not so patiently.

Tess jammin to the ring tones.
I left for Kentucky Monday morning (for school), so you won't be hearing from me for awhile. I will say though, I fell off the wagon and don't even want to mention the damage. Three parties in one weekend, followed by a girl cousin night out and a family reunion..... not kind to the scale. Must. Get. Back. On. Track.


Laura McIntyre said...

Reunion looks like great fun, must be lovely to catch up with everyone.

Oh and i know im late but Happy Birthday Tess

Wendy said...

that is nice that you carry on a tradition like the family reunion.

i know how you feel about the parties and the weight watchers and the gaining......maybe we can get back on track when the kids go back to school!

Sarah in MT said...

Sweating bullets - who are you kidding? You look fabulous with your amazing weight loss! For those that haven't been keeping up, great grandma is 100! And little Tess at only 1 year old - such a sweet photo, even if I am in it! And then there's Spence, with his hands on his hips! A picture is worth 1000 words! I so enjoyed the time with you and yours. Take care - Hope Kentucky is good to you this year.

The Pleasures of Homemaking said...

Your reunion looks like so much fun! Maybe next year go with early July since it's right in the middle of the summer?

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I'm so glad you like that blue toile room - I really am loving it (and still working on it)!