Monday, August 10, 2009

Tess is one!

Hard to believe, but my baby girl is a one year old.We celebrated with a party on Sunday.
She'll officially be a 1 yr old at 11:15am Monday.

She wasn't too keen on having her picture taken.

I think wearing a dress was really throwing off her mojo.

Pulling up and cruising around the furniture.
Still waiting to walk though.
Still only has two teeth.
She eats like a teenage boy.
She doesn't like headbands, bows, barettes, hats.....
Apparently she's not really into dresses and cute shoes either.
Or getting her picture taken.
She loves veggies though, and just about everything else.
Trying on the hat again.
Nope, don't like that at all.
But what is this?
Looks interesting.
Tastes even better.
I'm really liking this stuff.
Do you like it too?
Ahhh, that was good.
But, it made me sleepy.
After a quick bath, Tess got to check out her presents. She got a couple little dresses and a new push behind walker. She could care less about trying to walk with it.
But the music is way cool.
Happy Birthday Baby Tess!
We're so happy you came along.


Sarah in MT said...

Adorable photos. She could not be any cuter!

Wendy said...

Happy Birthday TESS!!! I can't believe she is already one! This was a fast year!