Saturday, March 13, 2010

Another round

Despite the fact that I lost ABSOLUTELY NO WEIGHT my last go round with Jillian, I am giving her another chance to prove that her 30 day shred really does work. I am only on Day 2 and let me tell you, push ups make your boobies hurt. I haven't done Level 1 in awhile so I sort of kind of forgot about the push ups.

I'm trying to be smart this go round. I figured out this new method for losing weight. It's called, get this...... Diet AND exercise. Imagine that. If you put the two together, purportedly, you will lose weight.

Purportedly..... I like that word. It means allegedly for those of you that don't hang out with those hoity toities Merriam and Webster. 

Anyway, supposedly, all you gotta do is diet and exercise to lose weight. Hmmm, we'll see. At this point, I would be happy to lose 5 pounds. While I've enjoyed the 160's for the last several months, I really would like to tell them Sayonara baby, see you in the 150's.
Haven't seen them for what, like, how old is Travis?
A long daggum time, let's just say that.

Speaking of going another round, Vader is on his second round, or should I say, his second life. He is our indoor/outdoor cat. Thursday morning he got hit by a car. I think we might have been in more pain paying the vet bill than he was after the incident. Bobby wasn't too thrilled forking over the dough for "a stray".

Um, yeah, Vader was a stray.
The kids found him in a tree and brought him home,
to be a member of the family,
over a year ago.
I don't really think we can call him a stray anymore.

Apparently (not purportedly), his diaphragm was pushed up into his lungs, with one of his lungs collapsed. The vet couldn't be sure that his liver wasn't also pushed up through his diaphragm. She gave him a cocktail of antibiotics, steriods, and a pain killer, and told us we would just have to wait and see if he improved.

He didn't have any bladder control after he was hit, so we locked him in the bathroom the first night home, where he slept on the rug, panting and barely moving .He's doing a whole lot better today. His breathing has returned to normal, he's eating, using the litter box, and jumping up onto the changing table to sleep.

His new name is "That Damn $400 cat".  


Liz said...

Haha...I just have to laugh...because we too have a stray that adopted has been about 5 years now and I still say that..just tell Bobby be glad it wasn't a $1000....that is about what we had to pay after his week stay in the vet hospital...for crystals in his urine....I came home from work one day and he layed lifeless on the porch...I scooped him up and took him in....a week later whammo....but they were kind enough to let me make payments....Just have to laugh.....

Special K said...

How many pets have you lost to the road now? Maybe you should just stick to "inside" pets.

Lamp Tramp said...

Hey Carla, so nice to meet you! Got to laugh about that $400 cat, Vadar...hope she/he is doing better after all that money you spent.
Right there with you, GIRL, losing weight/exercising, yea, how simple is it. But how long it takes
Your children are beautiful, cherish every moment NOW with them. Before you realize, they will be all grown up and moving on and out to pursue their own dreams.
xoxo! Lamp Tramp

Susie from Bienvenue said...

I'm feeling your pain. We do not do very well here with cats. My poor daughter has lost too many to count. Hang in there~

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Oooh, I need to add "purportedly" to my repertoire immediately! How could I have ever forgotten that gem? :) Gotta love the English language.

In related news, our outside kitty has come down with a monstrous case of the runs. As's caked all over his hiney. We called the vet, all alarmed, but he seemed to think it wasn't such a big deal??

And why have I felt the need to share all of this with you?!?

Thanks for the words of encouragement this week, by the way. :)