Sunday, March 28, 2010

4 is 5

Teagan is another year older. :o(
He asked for a monster truck cake this year and I must say, his Dad did a super job making one.
Yep, my baby boy is 5. I'm going to go cry now.


Wendy said...

wow, bobby did a great job on the cake. better than i would do! happy birthday to your baby boy!

Special K said...

Happy Birthday Teagan!

rachel... said...

My older son had a monster truck birthday one year, but Teagan's is WAY cooler!

I hope he had an awesome birthday and that mom is feeling better, too. ;)

(And thanks, Carla, for your sweet comment on my blog post yesterday. xox)

Debbie said...

Happy birthday Teagan! Tell Bobby awesome cake!! I'm VERY impressed....maybe he can start his own cake business! Looks like he'd be GREAT!

Oh, and let me know how the diet AND exercise thing works! Who knew?? If it works for you, maybe I'll try it too!! Love ya!