Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Back on the wagon

Fell off for a bit. With trying to finish up the last assignments for school last week and my aunt's death, I just couldn't focus on eating right and exercising.

My aunt's viewing was last Friday. Krista and I stood in line for a little over an hour. She was a well loved lady and everyone wanted a chance to say goodbye. On Saturday, after the funeral, there was a celebration of life party that was attended by many. It was a very nice way to remember Norma. I am happy that my uncle and cousins have so much love and support around them.

And I am very happy to be done with this quarter. Oh how I hate research papers. Passed all my classes with A's though! Spring quarter may be a little overwhelming. I am taking 4 classes this time in order to finish school a little early, and most of them are pretty technical. The ins and outs of women's health. Now, on to find a preceptor......

Oh, and clean my house. It has been quite neglected the last few weeks.


rachel... said...

Awesome job on the grades, Carla! And I can barely keep my house clean now WITHOUT the address stress of school!

I'm so glad to be catching up on your blog. I love that there's another Ohio mom of 5 out blogging out there.

You know I have a black cat, too? Looks JUST like yours!!!

Wendy said...

Straight A's! way to go! good luck with next quarter, i know you will do least it is womens studies so it will something that you will enjoy hopefully!

Debbie said...

Congrats on the straight A's!! Darcie got them again too, this quarter! lol thanks for the nice tribute to Mom. Glad you enjoyed the celebration of life. thanks for coming to be with us. It meant a lot! Love you.