Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Chop, chop

A couple little peeps needed some haircuts.

Can you tell?

This poor girl couldn't see without ponytails. And let's not even talk about the hair encrusted in the snot nose.

I asked Daddy to cut it at her eyebrows. I think he kind of forgot that hair shortens up a little when it dries.

And no, it's not really that crooked. It's just starting to curl up. I think.

She used to be blinded by her own hair when she would pull the ponies out.

Another child blinded by hair.

Ah, the cute little boy has returned.

Halleluiah! I can see!

(Edited since I initially chopped their heads off. In the pictures, I mean)


Erykah said...

Very cute Carla! I love there new cuts! Tess looks a lot older with bangs.

Grandma said...

Tess looks SOOOOOOOOOOOO much better with bangs, now her hair won't be stuck to her face when she eats suckers!!! or when she has boogers!!!