Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Another birthday

This one's birthday was Friday. He is up into the double digits now,
the big 1-0.
We surprised him with a trip to someplace a little fishy.

I'll give you a hint.....
There were lots of fish there.
And some frogs
And some of those cool jellies.
These too.
Some turtles
Some gators
A diver or two
And even one of these freaky things.
I mean the freaky thing eating my girl's head. Not the freaky girl.
Give up yet? Okay, yeah, we went to Newport Aquarium.
The kids all had a go at feeding the Lorakeets.
Well, except for Tate. She was having none of that.
Teagan was pretty disappointed because he really wanted to hold one and we just couldn't get them to walk over onto his hand.
He had a good time though, as did everyone else.
And Mom and Dad enjoyed the 2 kids free with 1 adult ticket.
They even threw in free kids meal coupons from Bob Evans.
Guess where we had lunch?
Buh bye now!


Grandma said...

You are positively awesome with your new camera. Looks like everyone had a really great time. Of course Tess did not look the least bit afraid of the bird, she is totally fearless. Glad Travis had a good birthday.

Sarah in MT said...

You do the coolest things with your kids! I just love seeing all the fun places you go to and the creative activities. What a wonderful way to build memories!

Debbie said...

Great pictures! We love to go there and always have a great time!! Happy Birthday Travis!!! Can't believe he is a double digit dude now!!