Monday, March 03, 2008


See my new toy? Isn't it pretty? It is a Britax Diplomat. I ordered it online last night because Britax was having a very rare sale. We went to Babies R Us to try it out first. Teagan thought it was pretty plush and didn't want to get out of it. It was listed for $260 at BRU, but I got it on sale, with the shipping, for only $208. I know, still quite expensive for a carseat. But, they are one of the highest rated carseats out there. I like that it has the side impact protection. Not to mention, this is baby #5, and I have NEVER bought a new carseat. My Mom and sis bought my first one for Tanner. I bought a used back up convertible carseat a couple years ago. And I got my infant seats from a cousin and my SIL. So, I figured it was time for a brand new one, and since we'll be using it for another 3-4 years, I figure I'll get my money's worth.
Just wanted to point out that they did take turns playing "puppy".
And another sleeping prince pic. Bobby was, of course, faking, because he hates to have his picture taken. He uses this position frequently, especially when he knows I'm cleaning the house. Oh darn, Teagan fell asleep on me, I can't get up. Yeah, you just wait buddy. Oh sorry, I'm nursing the baby, I can't make dinner, wash your underwear, clean the bathroom..........
Bobby's birthday was a couple weeks ago. This was our attempt at making a cake. Yeah, Tatum helped with the decorating. Since I had to work that night, and the next two, I didn't actually see Bobby until a few days later. Hope he enjoyed his cake.

Don't forget, go VOTE tomorrow!!!

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