Saturday, May 02, 2009

Can you guess....

what we did today?That's right. We hoed the garden. Check out them dandelions. You had to turn your head when the wind blowed if you didn't want an eye full of dandelion seeds. I don't want to guess how many landed in the fresh dirt of my garden. Darn it.
Or rather, I did, with a little help from the little peeps. I had to alternate between using the hoe and pulling weeds by hand depending on which hurt worst, my back or my hands.
It was long and arduous. It took almost 4 hours!! Bobby said he had planned to not come and help but he gave in and did anyway. Yeah, for the last 15 minutes. See Tess way over there? This is when I was almost halfway done. For some reason, halfway did not seem any closer to the end.

I think she was the only one having fun. Can you believe we bought this handy dandy back pack carrier for Travis? Yeah, 9 years ago.
Well, Teagan might have had a little fun too. He loves him some worms, and with the recent rain, there were lots of them. The birds were circling over head waiting for us to leave. It was funny listening to them "talking" back and forth. I kept thinking that they must be saying, "enough already, let us at the worms, lady!!" Hopefully, the rain will hold off until I can get the seeds into the ground. I did not have the energy left tonight to get it done.


Special K said...

So what are ya planting?

Cute pics by the way... Tess is so stinkin' cute. And I love Tatum's dirty knees.

Wendy said...

that looks like hard work. you probably burned a ton of calories! and you are looking skinny in that pic! :-)