Monday, May 18, 2009

Under attack

Ahhhh, what is that God awful noise?I was awakened, at 7:42 am I might add, by the sound of the sky falling. Or at least, something very near to my sleeping head falling.
See the green roof up there? Yes, above the ivy. I love my ivy. Don't you love my ivy?

Well, it is slowly coming down. Very early in the morning.

See the window on the left side of the picture? That's my bedroom. Um, as in, there is no attic in between the roof they are ripping off and the drywall that is my bedroom ceiling. On top of all the banging, one of them has the goofiest laugh I've ever heard (at 7:42 am or any other time). They're close enough that I heard one of them exclaim "There's nails for days!" Yep, that's what you get under 3 layers of asphalt shingles and the original 97 year old wood shake. Lots of nails.
We had just enough wind damage from the last major storm to file a claim for a new roof. Amazing, considering with all the gables and the steepness of our roof, it's not an inexpensive job. So, there is a high point to the early morning banging. Unfortunately, they expect this to take a week and I have to go back to work Wednesday night. Ugh.

On to the cute kids
Tess is loving her piano.

Just not loving sharing the spotlight.


Wendy said...

New roof! It is nice that you can claim it! That will save you lots of mula. I do love your ivy. and i do love seeing your pics of Tess. She is so cute! Good luck sleeping this week! I dont know how you are going to sleep with all that banging above your room!

Michelle@Fromhousetohome said...

How exciting!! I'm sure you'll be thrilled when the new roof is all done (and the workers are off it). Your ivy is beautiful. Now I need to go scan your blog for more pics of your beautiful home. Have a great day!

Special K said...

Wow... insurance claim huh? You really lucked out.