Monday, May 11, 2009

I know I'm late

So Mother's Day was yesterday, or rather, a couple hours ago. It's generally just another Sunday at my house. Yeah, I get little credit for pushing 5 little monsters out. For Mom and Grandma, I am a bad daughter and granddaughter and did not call. I was holed up in my office trying to finish my 6-9 page paper that was due before midnight. The one that I've been complaining talking about for a couple weeks, but joy of joys it is done. And yeah, I did turn it in at 11pm, but that's the joy of an online education. I even went on to finish an assignment in my other class that wasn't due until the 17th. Yay!

The little peeps did make some cards. Tatum had to make two. That's her thing. She and Travis came home from school Friday with the flowers. I guess they stop doing that in Junior High because Tanner was empty handed. You probably can't tell but Tatum had to sign her full name. You know, in case I forgot her last name.

Teagan made the red card with a little help from Dad. He really liked pointing out the smiley face that I managed to block in the picture. Supposedly that yellow haired fat lady on the yellow card is me. Yeah, thanks for that Tate.
Apparently, I do need a WW variety of chili cheese fries, which is what I had for dinner. I have been coveting the recipe since I spotted it over at the WW chick's blog. Unfortunately, when my hubby asked what the can of turkey chili was for, I didn't specify Chili cheese OVEN fries, so he actually FRIED them. So I made half of my Mother's Day dinner. We like fancy schmancy around here, can't you tell?

I know that looks like a huge dollop of sour cream but I swear it's only a tablespoon. All for only 8 points. Yummo. Down another pound, btw, so I guess it's still working!!! I walked a mile and half the other day too. All the way to the library and back. Of course, I had a convoy of 4 with me, which made it a leisurely stroll at some points versus an actual workout.

Hope all you Mamas and waiting Mamas had a good Sunday.


Wendy said...

yay, down another pound! glad you finished your paper and turned it in on time! those chili cheese fries looked yummy!

happy belated mothers day!

Sherrie said...

Hi Carla,
I am in awe of you! 5 little munchkins and in Grad school? I went back to school a few years ago after my kids left home and thought it was going to "kill" me. Another paper down and one step closer. I love online classes!
Thank you for visiting my page.
Have a great day!

Bella Casa said...

It looks like you had a wonderful Mother's Day, those chili cheese fries look perfect to me! Yum!

You WON the Seven Pounds DVD giveaway on my blog!


Make sure to email me with your name and mailing address and I will get your prize out to you soon!

Thanks for entering! Enjoy your week!


Angie said...

Those fries look good...mmmm! I am running late, too...the weekends fly by too fast sometimes. Thank you for the award...I just got it posted! I love your cards...isn't it always funny to see how kids draw us? My son always draws me like 8 feet tall and super, I wish! Have a good week, girlie!

Hugs ~Angie

Special K said...

Happy belated Mother's Day!

PS. I'm in Georgia now. LOL!