Sunday, May 03, 2009

Guess again

What do you suppose we did today?
What? Planted the garden?
That would have been a good guess. But nah, that's no fun. Instead, we headed south and went to the zoo.
It was a ponytail kinda day. Or would that be giraffe tail?

We met up with my pal Missy and her little cousin Kyra. She's a little poser, huh?
Missy's hubby came along too, but 4 kids 6 and under was a little overwhelming for the poor guy. He actually wore out faster than the kids and went to his truck to take a nap. :op

They all enjoyed the merry go round, or whirly go round as Teagan would say.
Tess had a pretty good time too. I don't think she cared too much about the animals but she looooves to be outside, so she was pretty mellow all afternoon.

Tatum's favorite animals were the giraffes and the elephants. Teagan's were the giraffes and the monkeys.

Yeah, not too many pics, but wrangling 4 kids through the hilly terrain didn't leave many photo ops. Speaking of hilly terrain, I'm pretty sure I earned a few activity points today. Pushing a stroller up and down hills is a workout. And no, I didn't mention my weigh in from last week, probably because I didn't lose a pound. Not one. I'm hoping the mad hills at the zoo, and the upper body workout and squats I did yesterday in the garden make up for it.


Anonymous said...

Pics turned out good!

Wendy said...

looks like fun, I am going to have to take the kids soon! you always come up with fun things to do! how do you have time???? you amaze me!!!

Wendy said...

you have been given a super blogger award by me! congrats! you are an inspriation! and btw it was great having lunch today. glad acls is over for another 2 years!

the pleasures of homemaking said...

Poor guy!! Looks like a fun day and a good workout for you!


Laura McIntyre said...

Look how big they all are, it looks like a great day out. Hope weather approves here so we can start taking trips