Sunday, May 10, 2009


That's how old my baby girl is. Nine months old already. She's been on the outside as long as she was on the inside. She is such a happy, laid back little girl. Passing out grins left and right. She adores her siblings. The other night I caught the three little ones playing after bedtime. Tess was in her crib, up on her knees holding onto the crib rail, bouncing up and down and laughing at Tatum and Teagan jumping on my bed. Bobby said when he walked in she fell over and hid behind the rail, like she knew she'd been caught. She still has no teeth, although I expect some soon. My kids usually seem to start popping them out around 9 months.
She gets up on her hands and knees to rock, but still gets around much faster with the Army belly crawl. Beyond the crib rail, she hasn't really tried to pull up on anything else.
She eats like a little piggy, fruits, veggies, crackers, cereal, yogurt, even an occasional fruit snack left behind by her brother. Basically, if she can get it in her mouth, she will eat it. I'm glad she's tolerant of all veggies we give her so far. I've got too many other picky kids to add another with a special diet.

She's such a sweet girl, very mellow and easy going. If she doesn't nap well, she won't sleep all night, but it doesn't mess up her whole day. She's a go with the flow kind of girl. Only crying when she's really pissed off, like after bath time when she's getting dressed. She will cackle and screech in the tub, swimming around the bottom like a little fish, but as soon as she's out and lying down to get jammies on, watch out. Boy, can she scream. I think she saves it all up during the day just for that moment.

But, I'll take the crying right along with the laughs. I love this little dimpled girl. Happy nine months, Baby Tess!

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