Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Garden is In!

I know. You were all patiently waiting for pictures of dirt, huh? Not too impressive, you say? Keep in mind, I was assisted by several little people. A job that should have taken a couple hours, took over 4. Probably due to a certain 4 yr old who found it necessary to examine every bug in his path before he put the next seed in. And I'm not too sure how the broccoli will do since those were all planted by Tatum and Travis. The run down for this year:
Green beans
Bell Peppers
Summer squash
And some marigolds thrown in for good measure. We got it planted on Monday and waited for the rain to come. I'm no expert when it comes to gardening. I probably plant some stuff too deep and other stuff too early. I rarely water, just wait for the rain. I don't use any pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, etc. I just put it in the ground and hope for the best. Surprisingly, my method has worked in the past.

If dirt pictures aren't your forte, how about a graham crackery girl?

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Wendy said...

i hope your garden is plentiful! boy, you planted a big variety, hope that cuts down on the cost of groceries! you make me want to plant a garden too.....i talked to erv about it and he laughed in my face! he said it was not my thing : (