Friday, January 01, 2010

The big freeze

Spending freeze, that is. Although, it's pretty darn cold outside too. Last year, I implemented a spending freeze in January (I think). January seems like a good time because it is freezing, in general, and I feel like I need to fast after the gluttonous month of December.

The purpose of the spending freeze is just that, to freeze all unnecessary spending paying particular attention to where the money goes for the entire month. Hopefully, it will teach us that we can stick to a budget, and that alot of the frivolous things we think we need are really just wants.

I remember at the end of the month last year, we had cheated a little, but I still felt like we accomplished something by saving a little and paying a little more towards debt. It actually felt good to not spend money. Not quite like the euphoric feeling I get when I walk into Tar*get but close. :op

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