Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday update

Working tonight, having a pj party on Monday with my girls for my bday, and have a couple assignments to work on, so you may not be hearing from me over the weekend.

That said, thought I'd update a few goings on.

The spending freeze: Melted, or at least, thawing.

A big part of the reason is my dear husband's Suburban. AKA The money pit.
As if spending $2000+ in November for a new engine wasn't enough, we put another $150 into it in December for some kind of sensor or something because it wouldn't start (with a brand new engine). That $150 part did not get it to start, because even though Bobby thought that was what was wrong with it, uh it obviously wasn't.
Moving into January, we have put another $200 into the darn thing and it does run, at least until the next thing breaks on it. Thank goodness it is paid for or I might be birthing a cow right now.

Needless to say, by the time we replace every. single. part. on it, it will be brand new.

And paid for. I have to keep telling myself that part of it. There is no car payment, there is no car payment, there is no car payment.......

We took the kids to Toys r US to spend their Christmas gift cards, and while we didn't spend any cash there, manuevering five kids through a toy store can take up a chunk of your evening. By the time we left, everyone had the hunger whines going, we were 30 minutes away from home and I hadn't thawed anything out for dinner. Considering it would take at least an hour to get dinner on the table, their favorite buffet restaurant won out. Still only $47 for a family of 7 for dinner out is not that bad of a deal.

Tate has been growing up and out of her jeans so I made a run for the kids resale store. $25 for 5 pairs of pants and a pair of gym shoes. Not too shabby.

So, I've kind of given up on the spending freeze this month. I think I'm going to postpone it a few months. February is not good because it's a big birthday month for us. Then Teag's bday is in March, so maybe we'll try again in April.

The diet: haven't weighed myself yet this week, but have been pretty good about sticking to my points.

School: Only two exams to take in reproductive A&P and I'll actually be done with that class. Pretty impressive, eh?
Now just to get busy with the other two courses.

House: I need to decrapify a la The Thrifty Decor Chick. Now I'm not going to go all "it's a new year, I need to totally decluter my entire house this weekend". Although I do. Baby steps, people. I figure if I can commit to decluttering one area of my house per month, I might actually get something accomplished. I'm not going to announce it or set any schedule, because it depends on what I feel like doing. I might share some before pictures or I might not. They might be too scary. But I think Sarah hit the nail on the head. When my house is out of control, I feel out of control. And with five little mess contributors I feel out of control enough as it is. So just keep your eye out for that.

Maybe you can declutter right along with me. You too can be a decrapper.


Wendy said...

HeY Carla, I wont be able to make it to the sleep over...i gotta work tuesday morning! working day shift sucks!!! have a happy happy birthday though!

Liz said... invite must have got lost in the mail....Have an AWESOME Birthday.....I will def see you sometime this year : )

The Tattered Cottage said...

Hi Carla -
I was so happy to see that you stopped by for a visit, I love meeting new friends :) Girl, I thought I was busy being a single mom of 3! I have twins and a younger one. They're 13 months apart. When they all were little, it felt like having triplets. I can definitely relate to taking them to Toys R Us.....always an adventure :) Have a Happy Birthday!

Debbie said...

Yes, Yes, I want to be a decrapper too!! I've been playing with the idea of decluttering my house but haven't actually bitten the bullet...but maybe, just maybe, a portion of the house per month....I might be able to handle that..even inbetween trips to Pittsburgh. Thanks for the nudge! I needed that!
Oh, btw, happy birthday Monday!! Hope it's a great one! Love ya!

Sarah in MT said...

Just to clarify for those who are wondering....I am NOT the Sarah referenced in this blog post. I wouldn't really know what a decluttered house feels like. Happy Birthday to you, Carla!