Saturday, January 09, 2010

First week

Looking back on the first week of January, I have to say, how is it already January 9th? Didn't we just have Christmas????

Anyway, school started for me on Monday. Not only did I check in to all my classes online, I touched base with my learning team partners for my research class and finished two tests in my reproductive A&P class. Starting off well, we'll see if I finish early like I always plan. :op

The kids had a snow day on Friday. By dinner time, they were completely on each others' nerves. The roads weren't terribly bad but since we have so many country kids and a limited number of snowplows for this small town, they usually cancel if there are several inches of snow or if it is icy.

Speaking of icy, I cheated a little bit on the spending freeze. Just in the first weekend of January, I spent $5 at work because the girls wanted to order pizza, I bought about $5 worth of 75% Xmas ornaments (how could I resist), and I bought two pairs of clearance gym shoes for two of the peeps who are going to be needing them soon. As any Mom of many can tell you, if you find shoes for cheap, you buy them then. That was up to Jan 3rd. This week, I've done pretty good. Just bought a capucinno on the way to work one day, that's it. And it was only a buck! Now the hubster? Well, I'll have to reiterate the requirements of the spending freeze.

I finally stepped on the scale last weekend. I pretty much avoided it for the month of December because I knew with eating everything in sight, it couldn't be good. I was up 5-6 pounds depending on which scale you believe and depending on how accurate it is to weigh yourself 10 hours into a 12 hour shift and after eating dinner, two desserts, and a grape pop. Yes, two desserts. I couldn't make up my mind and I knew it was my last weekend to indulge.

Anyway, one week back into point counting and I'm only one pound above my ticker weight. Not too bad. Now to incorporate exercise...... trying to decide about a gym membership vs the YMCA vs home DVD's. Any suggestions?


Special K said...

Start with home DVD's. Lock yourself in the office and play them on your computer. If you can commit to that... then think about stepping up to something outside the house at some point. But with all the things you have on your plate... a gazillion kids, job, school, husband... you already don't have enough hours in your day. I'd be worried the gym or Y membership would end up falling by the wayside and be a waste of money. Just my two cents...

Wendy said...

i think the ymca is great because not only can you exercise there but you can also enroll your kids into activies they offer and for a discounted price also there isnt a contract so if you decide it isnt for you, you can tell them that you want to quit without having to pay a fee....and also you can payroll deduct from the hospital and they give you a small discount. i love the ymca. you can drop your baby off in the nursery, you can take a class or use the treadmill or bike while you study! and all without kids yelling in your ear!