Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Penguin pics

Last Saturday we made time for the annual penguin pj picture with Aunt Penelope.

Just kidding. Really she's Aunt Krista, but I wanted to roll with the P's.
Technically, it was after Christmas, even after New Year's, but hey, I've got five kids and a busy schedule. Props to Grandma for making the penguin pj pants. Ahhh, I crack myself up.

Would you believe the first two pics were the best? It went downhill after that.

This is the winner.

Although, I must say, this reflects their personalities soooo much better. Click to make it bigger and you'll see what I mean.

One smirky teen, one moody 9 yr old, one half crazed 4 yr old, and 2 sweet girls.


Kristina said...

OMG, too cute!

Wendy said...

those peguin pj's are cool. your mom is super crafty! the pics turned out nice!