Sunday, January 03, 2010

Building houses

This is one of the things we accomplished over Christmas break. Yeah, it was technically after Christmas, but we were still on vacation so it counts right? Would you believe it if I told you they didn't fight at all while decorating it? Yeah, I wouldn't believe it either, and I'd be a liar.

Oops, I was going to hide the box and make you think I really baked all the sheets of gingerbread for the walls and roof. Darn, now you know my secret.

And the finished product.
I think the candy lasted approximately 586 seconds before little fingers started swiping it.


Grandma said...

I love it!!! That is so cute...and so industrious to attempt that with all of them. Where was the biggest? Is he too old to participate? Is it edible??? Next year you'll have to attempt a big 2 story one before Christmas to use for a centerpiece!!!!

Wendy said...

so cute! that would be fun to do next xmas instead of making cookies!

Sarah in MT said...

I'm amazed! Always been in awe of the ones who could accomplish this. Personally, never had the patience to even attempt it. So cute and what a great memory-builder for the little ones.